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I use terms in my descriptions that may cause confusion if you’ve never dealt with plants, so I thought this might be a handy reference, just in case.

Generic plant terms

x Self or Selfed: The ovary of the plant in question has been fertilized by it’s own pollen. Can be done intentionally to magnify a trait or unintentionally if the anther brushes across the stigma for one reason or another.

Anther: structure that holds the pollen of the plant, considered the male portion of the plant reproductive system.

Stigma: structure that receives the pollen to transmit it to the ovary for fertilization. Usually is a little sticky so the pollen will adhere. Considered part of the female portion of the plant reproductive system.

Terms specific to Clivia

Offset: A new plant generated as a shoot that is genetically identical to the parent. Aside from tissue culture, it’s the only way to get an exact duplicate of a Clivia. Any seed produced through pollination, even selfed, will be genetically different from the parent plant.

Peduncle: The flower stalk or spike.

Umbel: The flower formation, at the top of the peduncle.

Tepal: The petal of the flower.

Pedicel: The small stalk going from the thicker peduncle to the flower.

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