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Clivia varietals

These are the current plants in my collection, with their breeding where known. Images will be added as they bloom for me.


C. miniata

This was my first Clivia, the one that started it all. I ordered it from an online store like Springfield Nursery or some place like that more than 15 years ago and it was supposed to be a “rare yellow flower”. Obviously that wasn’t the case (even the plant stake said orange), but It’s still a beauty! It was certainly pretty enough to motivate me to have more of them.

I’ve crossed into this one several times because there’s a lot to love about it, most notably that it flowers reliably. It has big strappy leaves that I love and the flowers have qualities I appreciate and am interested in refining.. We’ll see how it’s children turn out in a few more years.


(C. miniata x C. caulescens) x Chubb Splash

I’ve nicknamed this one “Sarah” only because it’s pedigree is pretty wordy. Especially since it self-pollinated last year, now I have seedlings with ((C. miniata x C. caulescens) x Chubb Splash) x self. Yeah, out of breath just looking at it! And I haven’t asked myself if I got all the parentheses since the last time I programmed a computer!

I am more partial to the broad leaves and full umbels of C. miniata, but there’s no denying the grace of this plant’s umbel. It’s bloomed every year since it’s first, regardless of my inattention, neglect, and laziness. It’s put off two offsets already that I will divide out after blooming is finished. These are qualities I’m definitely interested in bringing to my other plants.


(Beach Bum x Bertie’s Bronze) x Hirao

This has been the only bronze so far in the plants that have bloomed for me. And it is absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about this plant and will only be breeding it to bring that amazing flower shape to some of my other plants.

The plant that follows this one is a sister, I originally purchased (at least) two seeds from this cross to grow out. This flower has a compact shape and saturated color. As you’ll see, her sister has a much more open, larger flower with much lighter coloring.


(Beach Bum x Bertie’s Bronze) x Hirao

This is probably close to what the original breeder was aiming for when they crossed Hirao (a green flower).

She has a much larger flower than her sister (above) and a bit paler bronze color. This is quite a lovely plant.


C. miniata multipetal x multipetal

This is the only Clivia besides my first that I purchased as a plant. All the rest I grew from seed. It turned out to actually be a multipetal (crossing two of anything or selfing doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get what you’re aiming for). It has eight petal flowers instead of the usual six.

Actually a stunning flower that I hope to cross into different lines. I’ve got upcoming plants from this bloom that include a cross to “Ruby”. I, unfortunately, got a stuck peduncle about two years ago (I believe I mentioned that I’ve made some mistakes), so the original plant is dying, but it has an offset I hope will bloom this year.


Vico Yellow Ghost x Nakamura Vico Ghost

This plant is another reliable bloomer, every year without fail, though it likes to bloom a couple months later than everyone else. The bloom isn’t one of my favorites, but still beautiful. And it has plenty of other qualities I admire. The plant itself is very imposing, a real presence in the room.

Unfortunately it stuck about the same time as the multipetal (read laziness here) and is trying to recover. I’m actually going to do a post on stuck peduncles where you’ll see just how amazing Clivia are as a rule and this plant in particular.


(TK Original Yellow x Hirao) x Chubb Splash

I am pretty disappointed in this outcome. We’ll have to see what comes from its second bloom; first bloom can be pretty different from any further blooms, but as it stands now, this is just… pretty ordinary.


(C. miniata x C. gardenii) x Hirao

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m really wanting a green flowered Clivia in my collection. So many crosses to Hirao.

This one turned out beautifully! You can see the C. gardenii influence with the green tipped tubular flower. I love, love, love the shape of this flower! Its spike is held really high over the plant and has a stunning 15 flowers on its first umbel. One of my absolute favorites so far!

“Whoops #1”

Shahambi x Pete’s Little Beauty

I actually have more than one plant from this cross, but unfortunately the tags fell off on a couple of my pots (laziness). They will probably end up just being “Clivia varietal x” if I use them in my program, because, as you saw with Ruby and Jessica, there’s really no way of telling from the flower what the parentage is. It would only be best guess and that doesn’t jive with my intent to provide a trustworthy source for grown plants. I may not breed them at all, since I can’t be certain.

“Luck o’ the Irish”

(Charl Green x Vico Peach) x Self

Here’s another green in the parentage of my plants. Yeah, kinda obsessed with the green ones. They’re just so unusual…

Charl Green is from a different green line, might be interesting to cross this with one of the Hirao crosses and see what ensues.


C. miniata

Okay, so here’s a prime example why, if I sell my plants, I will only sell them while blooming. This was sold to me as “Japanese Red Orange Tulip”, and the only thing I can’t say for certain is whether it’s Japanese. It’s not Red Orange and most definitely not tulip shaped, so I’m just going to assume it’s not Japanese either.

It’s still pretty lovely, but since I’m unsure of it’s parentage, it’s unlikely I’ll be using it in my breeding program.

If you love this picture, find it on Zazzle here.

“Whoops #2”

Floridale’s Harolds x self

*Sigh* My infernal procrastination… Does one hope that the flowers are underwhelming so one is not tempted to breed it? We’ll see. At the very least I could sell generic offsets of them, I suppose.

“Creamy Crayon”

Best Cream (Vico Gold hybrid) x Crayon bred by Bertie Guillaume

Bertie Guillaume is a big name in the world of Clivia, has spent many years loving and breeding this plant. I have no idea what to expect, but this is one I’ve been anticipating blooming for a long time.


No 66 Yellow sibling x Conway’s Tessa

I actually have four plants from this cross, so eventually, hypothetically, this entry will divide into four once they bloom and set themselves apart from one another.

“Whoops #3”

Floridale’s Harolds x Pete’s Little Beauty

Three plants in this batch, possibly. Obviously I don’t know for sure, they could totally be one of the other “Whoops” and the plants I have for that other “Whoops” have this parentage. Let this be a lesson to you, there’s no recovering from lost tags…


Variegated x self

I have five surviving plants from this cross, none of them variegated, unfortunately. This is another lesson for you, if you are interested. When one crosses a variegated plant, one has the possibility of getting unvariegated, variegated, and albino. I think, of the dozen or so seeds I bought from this cross I got five regular, two variegated, and three albino. I knew the risks, but I had an experiment I wanted to try. It was unsuccessful and the albinos all died due to lack of chlorophyll. The variegated ones took longer, but died because I didn’t have enough light to compensate for their decreased chlorophyll. So I have some plants I’m going to play with a little bit, but more than likely they won’t be staying in my collection.

“Queen Candy”

Salmon Queen x Cotton Candy

I have three of this cross, hopefully there will be some beautiful peach blooms coming my way.


Roly’s Selected Pastel x Nakamura’s Ghost

Another highly anticipated bloom. Not much to say right now that hasn’t been said about other plants. It’s green and leafy.

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