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My name is April Hughes, thank you for visiting!

Many plants have come and gone through my home. I used to think I was a plant person but, in actuality, I’m a flower person. And not just any flowers. I came across a Clivia miniata more than 15 years ago and fell in love. I’ve always loved orchids, too, though my attempts at keeping them have been generally frustrating until recently. I have managed to keep divisions from my grandmother’s Cattleya alive and recently repotted them in the “semi-hydroponics” method and they are recovering from my ignorance. Another that I have had before that I intend to bring back is Adenium obesum. So you will find my collection of plants here, for your enjoyment as much as mine, and you don’t have to water them.

When I decide to start selling offsets and culls from my breeding program, they will only be sold blooming or with a picture of that plant’s exact bloom. This means that I will grow them and care for them quite a long time before they move on to other homes, but I do it both for the plant and plant lover. Clivia in particular take generally five years or more from conception to first bloom. I take on the vegetative time so you can rest assured that the flower is something you prefer.

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