Welcome to clivia and company!

I’m starting this website because I love my plants. Because, as I’ve been making my way through the changes to the world and our society, I’ve taken a good, hard look at who I am. I’ve had several different vocations, some I’ve loved and some I haven’t. All of them were things I thought I needed to do to be successful. All of them were things other people told me were the “thing” to do. But when I look at them objectively, they were all a stop-gap while I searched for that “thing” that was my passion.

I’ve appeared a flake. I’ve been perceived as lazy, unfocused, a waste of a smart person, that I just need a good swift kick in the ass. I’ve put the thing that I am passionate about on the back burner waiting for someone to give me permission to do that thing that brings me the most joy and fun. I’ve tried to make it fit, make it work, in a small two foot by four foot space in front of the window in my office while I carried on trying to find my thing. Apparently having over thirty plants crammed into such a small space was notable enough that when we had a friend over for dinner, he wanted to show it to his girlfriend. The bulk of the plants happened to be in the garage at the time, so that “freak show” wasn’t available for their entertainment.

All that ends now. This is my love and passion. Caring for these plants, starting a serious (but fun) breeding program to create new colors, flower forms, leaf forms, etc. is what I desire to spend my time doing. This is the thing that comes easily to me, which I’ve read (as I’ve searched for my “thing”) is the thing most likely to be overlooked when weighing and measuring your gifts and talents. It doesn’t matter where it goes. It doesn’t matter if no one ever reads this. I’m going all in on my dream and expect that the Universe will back my play.

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